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Aufnahmetechniken von Radical Face

By Daniel

Ich bin mittlerweile großer Fan von Radical Face und sah sie zweimal live. Insbesondere da sind sie eine Wucht. Auf Platte nimmt Ben Cooper das Meiste alleine auf. Einige seiner Tipps und Tricks verrät er in diesem Forum:

„I record it in the shed. It’s an upright piano, and I record it in stereo. I have a pair of sm81 mics that I use most of the time, 2 to 4 feet from the piano on each side of my piano bench. I have them maybe a foot off the ground, aimed upwards towards the soundboard. Afterwards, I often hard pan them right and left. And that’s usually my starting point. I sometimes do it in mono if it’s a simpler line, and I sometimes use a room mic if it needs more space to it. And if it’s a busy mix, I might mic the hammers instead of coming from below. But the first technique is the most common.“

Quelle: TanzendesEinhorn